Business email hosting

Make your brand stand out with your own personalized business email address using your domain. Highest security standards and access from anywhere.

  • CrossBox collaboration suite with all plans

  • Multiple email addresses under a single plan

  • Secure, private, and ad-free emails

  • Free spam, malware and phishing protection

  • 25-Day money-back guarantee

Starting at $20.00/month. Save 20% with a yearly plan.

Email hosting

Email hosting plans

Get professional email hosting and create mailboxes that match your domain name. Clear pricing backed by our 25-day money-back guarantee.

Workspace - 100

Ideal for startups

  • CrossBox Suite
  • NextCloud file storage
  • MailChannels Inbound SPAM Protection
  • Sync across all devices
  • 100GB storage
  • 10 email addresses
  • Use any domain
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Workspace - 250

Great for small businesses

  • CrossBox Suite
  • NextCloud file storage
  • MailChannels Inbound SPAM Protection
  • Sync across all devices
  • 250GB storage
  • 25 email addresses
  • Use any domain
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Workspace - 500

Great for growing businesses

  • CrossBox Suite
  • NextCloud file storage
  • MailChannels Inbound SPAM Protection
  • Sync across all devices
  • 500GB storage
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Use any domain
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Workspace - 2TB

Perfect for enterprises

  • CrossBox Suite
  • NextCloud file storage
  • MailChannels Inbound SPAM Protection
  • Sync across all devices
  • 2TB storage
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Use any domain
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Boost your brand with a business email

A personalised domain-based email address will promote your brand with every message. Boost your brand today with our business email hosting.

Brand credibility

Create a lasting impression by making your email address as unique as your business.

Business on the go

Your personalised business-class email can be accessed on any device. Up-to-date and in sync.

Flexible & ready to grow

Our packages are flexible, so it's simple to add more storage and mailboxes whenever you need to grow.

Ad-free emails

With email hosting your emails are yours alone, ad-free so you can enjoy complete privacy.

Stay protected

Built-in spam and virus protection to keep you safe from threats, vulnerability and junk mail.

99.9% Uptime guaranteed

All of our email hosting plans are backed by a 99.9% uptime guarantee and our expert 24/7 support.

Features with all email hosting plans

Our email hosting infrastructure is second-to-none and includes every feature you need to succeed online without breaking the bank.

Email hosting features

  • CrossBox webmail client
  • NextCloud file storage
  • SpamExperts spam protection
  • No 'Per-User' costs
  • Free email import and migrations

Software features

  • Team and shared calendars
  • 'Send later' and snooze handling
  • Canned responses and shortcuts
  • Delayed sending and cancel sending
  • Email signatures

Email features

  • Plan-based email addresses
  • Support for POP3, SMTP and IMAP
  • Enterprise-grade span control
  • Powerful and intuitive webmail
  • MailChannels: Outbound IP protection

Unique features

  • Fast and reliable cloud hosting
  • Auto responders
  • Screen sharing functionality
  • Shared contact management
  • Large file sharing and sending

Security features

  • MailChannels: Email relay
  • SpamExperts Spam protection
  • Free malware scanning
  • Safeguard against phishing attacks
  • Premium virus protection

Our promise

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Fast auto-scaling cloud hosting
  • 25-Day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7/365 technical support

Have any questions?

Our team of experts is on hand to help answer your questions and get you started.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to some of the customers frequently asked questions. Have more questions? Please contact us and a team of experts will help answer your questions.

Email hosting is a service that allows you to send and receive emails from your own personalized domain-based email address. It also creates brand awareness, our email hosting is free from advertising, and it is more secure and versatile than generic email services such as Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail.

Email hosting allows you can set up multiple email addresses for every aspect of your business e.g. myname@mycompany.domain or info@mycompany.domain. You can also create email addresses for your employees and manage all email accounts from one centralized location.

A business email account uses a custom domain name of the company, such as myname@mycompany.domain. This is different from a personal email, where you usually use the service's domain e.g.

With a business email, your brand will look professional and credible, which is crucial if you're running a business online. Customers are generally more suspicious of companies who use personal emails as anyone can easily create one for free. Using professional email addresses can separate your business from disreputable companies, strengthen your brand authenticity, and inspire trust within your customers.

POP stands for 'Post Office Protocol (POP)' and is one of the methods for accessing emails from your computer. When you log in to your mailbox, you connect to the mail server to download your business emails to your device, and the emails are then deleted from the central server. It is suitable for single-device use.

When you access the mail server using 'Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)', you aren't downloading the email onto your device, you are just reading it over the internet. This means you can check your email from multiple devices and they will always be up to date. IMAP is more commonly used than POP3 as it's more versatile, it's also included with each of our email packages.

An email client is an email application that enables you to send and receive mail from an email address through a central interface, some of the well-known email clients are Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird etc.

Our email hosting packages are fully customisable to grow and adapt alongside you and your business. Whether you need more storage or mailboxes, you can simply upgrade through the client portal or get in touch with our team, they will be happy to help you.

WebMail works like Hotmail, Yahoo! or Gmail; it's an email system that allows you access to your email through a web browser. You can send and receive emails using any device, all you need is an Internet connection and you'll never miss a thing.

Totally. You can use an existing domain name with our email hosting, it doesn't have to be registered with us. However, we'd recommend for convenience and easier troubleshooting to keep your domain name and website hosting together under a single company. If you like to transfer an existing domain to us, please contact us. Our team of experts will help you transfer your domain with no downtime.

A great starting place to begin is a Workspace 100 plan which allows you to have 10 email addresses. With Workspace 500 and 2TB plans, you can have unlimited email addresses.

No, our email hosting services are designed for normal, day-to-day use by any business. We expect customers to be pretty busy with emails, sending out dozens or even hundreds through your domain a day. However, our email hosting is not suitable for email marketing.

We do not permit the use of our email hosting for email marketing. Instead, it is recommended that you use a 3rd party SMTP relay or email marketing solution such as SendGrid or MailChimp.

There is no need for technical knowledge to use email, but our expert support team is always available to help.

Yes, you can. We ensured that you can access your email on the go and it will be optimized on whatever device you use.

All of our yearly web hosting plans come with a no questions asked 25-day money-back guarantee. Your satisfaction is the key to our success.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the service provided then all you have to do is let us know your intentions within the first 25 days, and we will provide you with a full refund.

Of course! Add a sales ticket with any questions you may have. Our team of experts is on hand to help answer your questions and get you started.