About us

We are a world-class web hosting provider with a mission to empower people around the world to create and grow their digital presence.

Our story

Our journey began in 2017 when we realised the web hosting market was saturated with poor quality, expensive and unreliable solutions. It was nearly impossible to find a reliable hosting provider. Mostly good companies were acquired by the bigger group, the prices were high and not affordable for individuals or small businesses who want to create their online presence.

We realised there is so much potential for something better and robust. Therefore, we created WebHostingMix with a mission to provide fast, secure and reliable web hosting services without breaking the bank and backed by an unbeatable money-back guarantee.

We are proudly managing hosting platforms for many websites, blogs and apps on behalf of our customers and always look into ways to improve and grow to help you be successful.

We are grateful to all our customers for joining us on such an exciting journey!

Our mission

We believe in a world where people around the world can create and grow their digital presence with confidence without a hefty price tag.